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Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate

Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate

Published: Apr 14, 2024

I am happy to share that I have passed the test and I am now a Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate. I love that it provides a generic way to DevOps Everything!

I just hope it maintains its generic/open source culture over time. It has even inspired me set a goal to write my own Terraform Provider with GoLang one of these days!

The one thing that stands out about all certifcation tests, that I have done so far, is how every one of them have had some very tricky questions that almost feel like they are trying to trick you. Whether intentional, just oversight, or simply poorly worded by the test creators is questionsable.

So much so that it feels like in order to have realistic expectations as a test taker, you have to expect that you are going to at least miss a few due to how tricky they were word. Even if it is simply due to the fact that the question is so niche that even someone with years of experience with the particular technology hadn't used that particular feature yet.