Four months at XCentium and loving it!It’s hard to believe it’s been four months since I joined XCentium. XCentium is a consulting company that some previous colleagues started while I was working at Microsoft. They currently have three Sitecore MVP’s on staff: Niket Ashesh, Martin Knudsen and Zac Malmquist. Getting to work with these guys again (and everyone else at XCentium) has been very exciting so far.

In the four fast months at XCentium I have wrapped up a Sitecore 7.0 project and converted a heavily customized Flash based Google map to jQuery/Google Maps v3 API. I am currently working on a massive Sitecore 7.2 MVC project with about 170,000-340,000 microsites and Insite Commerce integration. Very exciting! I will share more details as I get approval to share. One of the many reasons I love working on Sitecore solutions versus intranet SharePoint solutions 99.9% of the time they are publicly accessible!

In case you don’t know what Sitecore is, or you haven’t seen their relatively recent site redesign, you definitely should check out http://www.sitecore.net

I always like to put it in terms that most people can understand. It’s like SharePoint, but for public facing web sites with so many extra features that makes the decision to use it very simple. It is much easier to implement multi-lingual capabilities, has built in analytics and what started as a Content Management System is now a complete Experience Management System. By the way, you can even replace your SharePoint intranet with the Sitecore Intranet Portal as well.

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Just A Few of the Applications I've Developed
Records Management
Employee Directory/Phonebook
Employee Benefits and Enrollment
Helpdesk Management/Ticket Systems
Service Request Systems
Project Management Systems
Personal and Resource Scheduling
eCommerce Catalog/Order Processing
Time Reporting/Payroll Systems
Knowledge Management
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Tracking
Messaging/Chat Applications
Change Control Systems
News and Newsletter Management
Banner Statistics and Rotation
Web Email Systems
Threaded Message Boards
User Communities
ADO OpenSchema - Database Reporting Tools
Zip Code algorithm to find closest location
Barcode printing and scanning
Visual Basic 6 SMTP COM object - using WinSock
Visual Basic 6 HTTP COM object - using WindowsAPI
Visual Basic 6 Chat Application
InstallShield installation of
SQL Server scripts and ASP web applications


From Technology of the Past to Technology of the Future! CAREER OBJECTIVE
Highly advanced Database, Desktop, and Internet developer is seeking a position utilizing broad-based design, development, maintenance, distribution and customization combined with project lead expertise. Ideal position would offer the opportunity to apply leading edge knowledge and skill to achieve ambitious corporate technology objectives.

* Combining over 16 years of progressive experience in the management of information technologies with a keen business sense and the expertise to design innovative systems in order to reduce cost and improve productivity:

- Internet Applications/E-Commerce - Planning & Coordinating - Consulting
- Project Lead/Management - System Migration - Intranet Development
- Installation/Configuration - Programming/Systems Analyst - Data Base Design

* Broad-based experience analyzing the scope of projects, establishing priorities, and achieved results in a fast-paced, time sensitive, leading edge environment.

* Proven experience leading a team in the development of KnowledgeGEAR, an internet-in-a-box solutions and several different add-on applications including: a centralized employee directory service, a request systems, a project management, a help desk ticket system, a time sheet reporting applications, e-commerce catalog application, virtual conference (chat), newsletter, etc.

* Specialized expertise in researching and analyzing technology, performing systems analyst functions and improving performance of processes.

* Full Software Development Life Cycle implementation as Director of Product Development for KnowledgeGEAR - the easiest most economical intranet suite available, where I have been successfully telecommuting for over a year and a half.


Just A Few of the Industries I Have Experience With
Transactional processing,
customer serivce/support,
ticket and project systems, online bill presentation, incident reporting systems, and business process automation.
Airline/TransportationAircraft/ Transportation
Scheduling of: Aircraft flight, refueling, mid-air refueling, crew, cargo, and maintenance.
medical billing, collecting, insurance filing, processing, workman's compensation, medicaid, medicare, patient records management, bad debt write/off, and billing cyles.
Corporate RecordsCorporate Records
Large scale records management system that involved the data entry, check in, check out, storage, retrieval, processing, and tracking of all corporate documents, utilitizing bar code scanners and other technologies.
Human Resource/Employee BenefitsHuman Resources/ Employee Benefits
Resume and job application systems, employee enrollment and yearly renewal of insurance benefits and plans (with data exportation for delivery to BlueCross/BlueShield and other systems).
Energy Commodities/Oil and GasEnergy Commodities/
Oil and Gas

Internet Telemetry's automated measurment and metering systems, scheduling, and reporting. SolArc ® RightAngle training covering: energy commodities trading, scheduling, inventory reconciliation, accounting, portfolio/risk analysis, pricing and evaluation, etc.

Purchasing/SuppliesPurchasing/ Supplies
Design and development of complete applications used to specifically order, track, monitor, approve, delivery, inventory, supplies, and products, utilitizing RFQ (Request for Quote) and RFP (Request for Proposal) systems.
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Full software development life-cycle, technical support, sales, project management, mentoring, training, documentation nad product development.


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36/26/2006Dallas Code Camp 2006Intro to Programming Windows Communication Foundation (WCF .NET 3.0)
26/3/2006Wichita Code CampIntroduction to Programming Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)


SkillLevelLast UsedExperience
VB.NET / ASP.NET / C#ExpertCurrent13 years
SitecoreExpertCurrent7 years
SharePoint 2003 - 2013ExpertCurrent10 years
Active Server Pages (ASP)ExpertCurrent18 years
XMLExpertCurrent14 years
XSLTExpertCurrent14 years
HTMLExpertCurrent20 years
JavaScriptExpertCurrent20 years
LINQExpertCurrent7 years
ADO.NET Entity FrameworkExpertCurrent6 years
Visual BasicExpert6 years ago19 years
Microsoft SQL ServerExpertCurrent16 years
Microsoft AccessExpertCurrent20 years
Crystal ReportsExpert6 years ago17 years
PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor)Expert6 years ago14 years
PERLIntermediate14 years ago20 years
Oracle 7-8i and PL-SQLExpert10 years ago18 years
JavaIntermediateCurrent15 years
Java Server Pages (JSP)Intermediate7 years ago14 years
C/C++/Visual CIntermediate9 years ago11 years
Delphi 2-3Advanced14 years ago16 years
DreamweaverIntermediate8 years ago10 years
Flash 4-5 & DirectorIntermediate8 years ago10 years


Clientele Solutions, Inc. - I was successfully involved in the full Software Development Life Cycle for several internal applications. I assumed lead project manager and developer role for several external clients and effectively and efficently generated repeat clients and referrals.

Bank of Oklahoma - I helped the company save over $120,000 per year in printing expenses by redesigning their intranet main page to include a dynamic news content system, which allowed them to discontinue their previously printed employee newsletter.

Texaco - The application I collaborated with other developers on helped the company save millions of dollars in legal expenses by providing them the ability to organize, search, and track their records. They were able to be better prepared in legal and real estate disputes.

Clifford Power Systems - I designed a generic sales database system that is nightly updated from their MAS90 inventory system, which pleasantly provided the client the ability to keep near real time inventory levels available from their internet site.

CinemaReview.com - I converted their previous Visual FoxPro and Foxweb gateway generated web site to ASP (Active Server Pages) and Microsoft Access. Then later to SQL Server, resulting in substantial performance increase and savings in development and hosting costs.

Global Technologies, Inc. - I saved the company several thousand dollars and hours of development and support by transitioning their previous client server applications to the internet.


My primary goal is to utilize this site to document and track my best practices, code, findings, research, resources, utilities and anything else that I find as it relates to Sitecore, Microsoft, SharePoint, Application Development, Software Development LifeCycle Management, and anything else that comes to mind.

In my 6 to 7 years working with Sitecore so far, I have found that to a certain degree it is a niche product and therefore the information and things that I need are not always easily found when I need them.

I will primarily be documenting and preserving them here, so that I do not have to hunt for them again. If it becomes a resource for someone else as well, then I will be truly humbled and extremely happy.

David L. Walker aka Radical Dave aka Sitecore Dave
David L. Walker - Microsoft Senior Application Development Manager

For my SITECORE content
visit: SitecoreDave.com